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Dessie Ethiopia-ደሴ ኢትዮጵያ by tesfa arts

author Tesfa Arts   3 год. назад

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ወሎ ደሴን በቪዲዮ Wello Dessie

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Dessie Lay New Ethiopian Song by Amare (2016)

Song writer and director Damete (Babi)

Ethiopian Road veiw Kombolcha to dessie

Discover Ethiopia , Bati market place

ወልዲያ በለውጥ ጎዳና

የሰ/ወሎ ዞን የመንግስት ኮሙኒኬሽን ጉዳዮች ጽ/ቤት

Dessie (Amharic: ደሴ?) (also spelled Dese or Dessye), is a city and a woreda in north-central Ethiopia. Located in the Debub Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region, it sits at a latitude and longitude of 11°8′N 39°38′E, with an elevation between 2,470 and 2,550 metres above sea level.

Dessie is located along Ethiopian Highway 1. It has postal service (a post office was established in the 1920s), and telephone service from at least as early as 1954. The city has had electrical power since at least 1963 when a new diesel-powered electric power station with a power line to Kombolcha was completed, at a cost of Eth$ 110,000.[1] Intercity bus service is provided by the Selam Bus Line Share Company. Dessie shares Combolcha Airport (ICAO code HADC, IATA DSE) with neighbouring Kombolcha.

Dessie is home to a museum, in the former home of Dejazmach Yoseph Birru. It also has a zawiya of the Qadiriyya order of Islam, which was the first Sufi order to be introduced into north-east Africa.[1]

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